NatCDC / NatCDCSP Software for Mainframes

For Version 5.X release notes please click here.

If you wish to review the release notes for previous versions of NatCDC please contact NatWorks using this link

For General Information concerning some of the downloads available, please refer to General Notes.

Download Instructions:
Please note that NatWorks strongly encourages a review of the NatCDC / NatCDCSP Installation and Configuration manual prior to updating from NatCDC to NatCDCSP.  Specifically under Generation / NatCDC verses NatCDCSP Generation.

  1. Chose one of the following downloads:
    • ADASEL Support
      • NatCDC
        Download the NatCDC 3.2.1 version for use with ADASEL by clicking here; this action will initiate the download of  file called
      • NatCDCSP
        Download the NatCDCSP 5.1.1 version for use with ADASEL by clicking here; this action will initiate the download of a file called
    • ADACDC Support
      • NatCDC
        Download the NatCDCA 3.2.1 version for use with ADACDC by clicking here; this action will initiate a download of a file called
      • NATCDCSP
        At this time only NatCDC is supported against ADACDC.
  2. Using a PKUNZIP utility, unzip the downloaded file to create a file called CDC321.hex (if ADASEL support is desired) or CDCA321.hex (if ADACDC support is desired) and CDCSP511.hex (if ADASEL support using the latest version of NatCDC is desired).
  3. If you have NatQuery version 3.2.5 or higher installed, you may now use the Install / Update NatCDC Module function (on an empty NatQuery desktop an Administrator can access this function by clicking on Administer, then clicking on NatCDC and then clicking on Install / Update NatCDC Module) to process the NatCDC Transport Module into Natural on your mainframe server.  Once that function completes, NatCDC should then be properly installed as object code into Natural on your server, and you may ignore the remaining steps of these instructions.

    Having performed step 3, please verify that the resulting batch job NATLOAD executed without difficulty on your Natural server platform.
  4. If you do not have NatQuery version 3.2.5 or higher installed, or you otherwise wish to handle the install of NatCDC manually, then perform the following:

    4.1) Download the NatCDC Module Processor by clicking here.  This
            will download a file named CHEX2BIN.ZIP (2KB).  Using PKUNZIP, unzip this
            file to create a file called CHEX2BIN.TXT (7KB).  This is a Natural program named
            CHEX2BIN delivered as Natural source code.

    4.2) Allocate two datasets on your mainframe, defined as follows:

           File #1 - RECFM=FB, LRECL=252, BLKSIZE=25200
           File #2 - RECFM=FB, LRECL=126, BLKSIZE=28350

    4.3) Using FTP or a similar utility, move the file obtained from step #1 above, into File #2.

           NOTE For VSE Systems:
           On VSE, you should issue the following FTP commands to prior to FTPing this file:

                  QUOTE SITE LRECL 126
                  QUOTE SITE BLKSIZE 28350
                  QUOTE SITE RECFM FB

    4.4) Move the Natural program CHEX2BIN, downloaded in step 3.1 above, into a natural
           environment on your server and STOW this program.

    4.5) Construct a batch Natural JCL stream that will execute the program CHEX2BIN,
           with CMWKF01 of this JCL pointing at File #1, and CMWKF02 pointing at File #2
    and then execute this JCL

    4.6) Run the Natural NATLOAD utility against File #1.  The parameters for this execution
           of NATLOAD should be:


    4.7) If you performed this step, please verify that the resulting batch job NATLOAD
           step executed without difficulty on your Natural server platform.


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General Notes on Downloadable Files

  1. Files Are Scanned for Viruses
    The downloadable files have all been checked with McAfee anti-virus software immediately prior to uploading.  While NatWorks makes every effort to insure that the software we make available on our website is free of viruses, it must be understood that the ultimate responsibility to insure that files you download from the internet are virus-free rests with you.
  2. Un-Installing
    The NatCDC installation results in single Natural Object Code module being installed into a Natural library on your mainframe server that you designate.  The NatCDC module can therefore be uninstalled by issuing a “SCRATCH NATCDC” Natural command while logged onto the Natural Library where NatCDC was installed.

    To un-install any references to NatCDC on a workstation, simply delete the downloaded files.
  3. License Keys
    The use of NatCDC software is controlled by a “License Key”.  You may not execute NatCDC without a License Key and there is no “Demo” version of NatCDC presently available, there is only Trial Versions or non-expiring Versions.  To operate NatCDC in any way, shape or form, you must first obtain a valid License Key from NatWorks, Inc.

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